Our team at Bill Jacobs BMW in Naperville is here to walk you through all of your lease-end options. Our BMW Portfolio Manager will guide you through the lease return process.

Simply schedule a free vehicle inspection no more than two months before your lease term is over. We’ll make sure the vehicle is in good shape and doesn’t exceed the allowed mileage. You’ll continue making regularly scheduled payments and return the vehicle on the date listed on the lease.

Step 1 – Evaluate your current BMW

We recommend visiting Bill Jacobs BMW for a pre-inspection no more than two months before your lease ends. We will review the condition of your BMW with you and provide an estimate of any charges. Please contact Bill Jacobs BMW to schedule an appointment. The final inspection of your vehicle will take place roughly 60 days before the expiration of your lease.

Step 2 – If necessary, repair your current BMW

Shortly after your inspection is completed, you will receive an estimated cost for the repairs. To ensure that the repairs are acceptable, we recommend having them completed at Bill Jacobs BMW. You will be required to forward your repair receipts to BMW Financial Services to ensure that your maturity billing is updated accordingly. Or, if more convenient, you can choose to return your vehicle as is and pay any outstanding charges at that time.

Step 3 – Returning your BMW

Please contact Bill Jacobs BMW in Naperville and schedule an appointment to return your vehicle on or before your lease maturity. Bill Jacobs BMW will review the condition of your BMW and confirm that the necessary repairs have been made. You and Bill Jacobs BMW will sign a Vehicle Return Confirmation form to validate that the return process is complete.