Elvis’ BMW 507 Stops The Show

August 22nd, 2016 by

The BMW 507 that was driven by Elvis Presley – the King of Rock’n’Roll, that had seemingly disappeared for 50 years has made a return appearance! After two years of restoring the classic car, BMW Group Classic presented the roadster for the first time at the Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach, California.

Ulrich Knieps, Head of BMW Group Classic, said, “The opportunity to bring back the BMW 507 owned by the King of Rock’n’Roll to us here in Munich for purposes of restoration in accordance with the wishes of the previous owner, Jack Castor, was a dream come true for all those involved. This was an exceptionally fascinating project. The outcome is not simply a source of great pride to us. Jack would undoubtedly have been delighted by the outcome.”


Photo Credit BMW Group

The Missing Pieces

Although the original body parts and other components were all present and intact, the classic car had lost its engine and gearbox. The seats, rear axle, floor assembly, and instrument panel were also in need of repairs.

Many of the components needed to be re-manufactured from scratch because the stocks of original parts for the BMW 507 are limited, even at BMW Group Classic. The instrument panel was cast based on the original and the leather upholstery was created to match the pattern show in old photographs and catalogs of the original BMW 507.

The engine for Elvis’ BMW 507 was completely rebuilt from spare parts. The 3.2 liter V8 engine was reconditioned precisely in conformity with the original specifications of the BMW 507.

As a final touch, the BMW 507 was given a coat of Feather White paint for maximum authenticity.


Photo Credit BMW Group

More Classic Beauties

If you’re looking to view classic cars like the BMW 507, look no further than Geneva, Illinois. On August 28th, dozens of cars ranging from classic to modern styles will line the streets of Downtown Geneva at the Geneva Concours d’Elegance.

As a sponsor of this event, Bill Jacobs BMW  would like to invite you to join us at this free, family-friendly event! Not only will we be celebrating the 100th Birthday of BMW, but we we also be showcasing a few of our cars. Don’t forget to stop by and say hello!

We’ll see you there!