Advanced Engineering Sets BMW Vehicles Apart

June 24th, 2016 by


BMW vehicles like the 2016 BMW X5 provide a high-quality driving experience that is unique among car brands. This distinctive BMW difference comes from the brand’s focus on advanced engineering. Every BMW vehicle boasts near-perfect 50/50 weight balance. By distributing weight evenly over the front and rear axles, BMW vehicles offer exceptional agility, enhanced safety, and greater predictability. This weight distribution is a large part of what gives BMW vehicles their signature feel.

BMW engine performance is more efficient and immediate thanks to the brand’s innovative Valvetronic technology. By controlling the amount of lift of the individual valves on each cylinder, Valvetronic allows your engine to breathe freely, delivering better performance and efficiency as a result. When you do put the pedal to the metal, Active Roll Stabilization—the BMW brand’s active suspension control system—reduces lean while cornering. Every BMW vehicle comes equipped with a fully independent suspension at all four wheels. By allowing each wheel to react independently to bumps, BMW vehicles more successfully maintain contact with the road while providing a smooth, stable ride.

Electronic Damping Control (EDC) is another feature designed to create a truly distinctive ride feel. EDC adjusts shock absorber settings automatically to accommodate changes in vehicle speed and vehicle load, as well as road and driving conditions. By selecting “Sport” or “Comfort” settings, drivers have even greater control over the shock absorbers, and by extension, the overall comfort and handling of their vehicle.

To truly appreciate the feel of vehicles like those in the BMW 3 Series, come in to Bill Jacobs BMW near Aurora, IL for a test drive. All throughout June, July, and August, we’re donating $1 to the Ronald McDonald House near Central DuPage Hospital for every test driven mile. So go ahead, take one of our great BMW vehicles out for a nice, long spin.

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